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25 Fairmount O.
Montreal, Quebec

Bus:  STM 46, 51, 55, 80, 435, 935

Visit:  August 21, 2012


The Mile-End part of Montreal is home to a lot of really big names in Montreal’s eating scene.  Trying to become one of those iconic names isn’t quite that easy.  When your neighbours are Wilensky’s and Fairmount Bagels, you know that the competition is ferocious.  Fresh off their appearance their appearance on CTV’s Sunday Bite, Fabergé is one of the relatively new faces trying to cement their place among the rest.

The Mile-End happens to be one of my favorite areas in the entire city.  With some of the names I just mentioned above, I just keep on coming back and finding more places to add to my repertoire of food.  Our visit here today also gave us a chance to show a former colleague what she’d be moving on to in her new area of employment.  She really won the eating lottery here.

Fabergé came on the scene late in 2010 and it’s been on my radar for a while.  I’ve had many reports of a burger on the menu, though I couldn’t find proof through the restaurant web-site.  It wasn’t until recently, where an updated menu was uploaded, where I could finally see the burger I’ve been waiting so long to try.  What people should know is that Fabergé is more focused on brunch, as you’re able to have it as long as they’re opened.

When you enter the restaurant, the dining space is a little misleading.  I was thinking that there wasn’t much room.  That’s when we took a right into the adjoining room to see that there was a great deal of space.  From where I was sitting, I actually had a great view of the kitchen, though I was too low to really see inside.  All I could really see where top halves of cooks diligently preparing food.

Probably one of the funnier things that stuck with me was when the daily specials were being explained.  The server actually went into more detail because one of the group was blocked from the board with the specials on them.  There was an impression that we could all see it, when we really couldn’t.  It wasn’t a big deal as the server did quite a good job.

The service was actually quite exceptional.  As just mentioned, we were greatly taken care of the entire time.  I find it rare to have servers who are able to play along with the more eccentric members of groups.  In this case, the server was able to exchange a few good lines with our beloved special member of our group.  For me, that’s the added touch that you don’t find so much in places.  Too many times, you’ll see servers who are tired and let it affect their smile.  I realize it’s a very tough job that is mostly thankless, which is why the ones who still have that charisma really impress me.

As I alluded to before, the menu is mostly dominated by brunch items, which is primarily their focus.  Our group went in four very different directions.  We actually has 2 brunch items, a lunch special, and the normal fare that I order when doing such outings.  I’m going to quickly go through what the rest of my group ordered.

Organic Crunch

This is what the first member of the group ordered.  This is probably one of the simplest things you can get here.  It’s dubbed ‘organic crunch’ and you can see why with the bowl of granola.  There is also a wide variety of fruit that accompanies the plate.


The same group member ordered a side to accompany the organic crunch which had two bagels on a plate.  Yes, a bite was taken out of the bagel before I could get to it.

Pain Doré

This was probably the nicest looking dish ordered on the visit.  This was the same person who’ll be working in the area this fall.  The plate included some cooked bananas.  The server explained that this was really brand new, as it was the breakfast daily special for the day.  Judging by the reaction of the person eating it, it was a slam dunk.

Shrimp Tacos

When I was listening to the daily specials, this was the one that stood out for me.  I was really glad that someone ordered it.  This was another home run and just by looking at the dish the entire time, I could see why.

Iced Tea

Before I get to the burger, I wanted to share one of the most unique iced teas I’ve had in my three years of doing this.  When I asked for an iced tea, I was informed about the intricacies of the iced tea.  In a way, it seemed like I was being dissuaded from ordering it.  To me, when I’m sure of something, it’s go time.  When all the other drink orders arrived at the table, mine wasn’t there.  I was told that a few more moments were needed for the flavors to gel.  This is where I was thinking that this was a special iced tea.

The really neat part about this iced tea is the fact is was flavored with oranges.  Orange happens to be my favorite fruit in the entire world, along with being my favorite color.  When I heard that the iced tea was part orange, I was sold then and there.  What arrived in the jar, at the table, didn’t disappointed.  You could really taste the orange in there.  The other additional fruit pieces in the jar were a really nice touch.  For those of you who are fans of home-brewed iced tea, this is worth at least a try.

Royal Burger

This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, cheddar, and bacon.  The burger is part of the lunch menu.  For a two dollar upgrade, you can add either a bacon/cheddar or a mushroom/swiss combination to your burger.

One of the side dishes that came with the burger was a tiny bowl of various   Probably the best part of the bowl were the sliced green chilies.  They packed the most punch, so there was no regret there.

In this case, the burger here has all the components to succeed.  Aesthetically speaking, you have someone here that looks just as good as any other burger around.  The bun held up well throughout the whole meal.  However, there are some slight drawbacks that lowered what I thought of it at the end.

What worked well was the selection of cheese and bacon.  There was no disputing that.  In combination with the lettuce and tomatoes, I had a hard time putting the burger down.  It’s when you start looking at the smaller details that you get some things that you can do without.

I can think of two specific things that took the burger a few notches down.  The first thing was the appearance of the bun.  While the structure was strong enough, appearance is another thing you consider.  The bun is often the first thing you see when you get your burger.  A lot of times, that’s where the final verdict of a burger gets decided.  For me, it wasn’t until near the end where I noticed traces of burnt marks on the burger.  For the most part, they don’t really affect the taste, but do leave a lasting impression.

The second thing that could have been better was the meat.  While the meat’s taste wasn’t a big problem, it was a tad bit overcooked.  I still was able to see the juices drip from the patty, but when you got parts that are a little overdone, it zaps the taste from it.  In this case, the bacon and cheese really played their role well in rescuing the overall product better.  If those two slight issues not there, I wouldn’t have a problem pushing for the burger.

Final Verdict

The main strength behind Fabergé is their generously vast breakfast menu.  From what I was able to see with my eyes, they do take great care in presenting their brunch plates.  What makes an hour or two comfortable here is the level of care shown by the staff.  You won’t feel little at all, as your server will take good care of you.  While Fabergé is almost near the end of its second year of operation, I’m really hoping that it becomes part of the fabric that is known as the Mile-End.

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