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With just over 150 burgers done in the last 3 years, I’ve been thinking about what Burger 200 is going to look like.  I’ve already stated that I want this burger to be in Montreal.  Also, it cannot be just any old burger, it has to be epic.  What constitutes an epic burger?  That’s a question that’s pretty easy to answer.  An epic burger is one that makes your jaw drop. 

There is a restaurant in the Old Port district of Montreal called Baxo, where if you click on their Facebook page, you’ll see what I’m talking about.  That’s only using them as an example as I haven’t tried their normal burger yet.  If you want to know, they created this epic burger based on a dare.  If that’s what they create, I wonder how they would respond to a challenge.

So, in order to see what comes out of the woodwork, I’m proposing an open challenge to anyone who thinks they can create a burger so epic, it’s worthy to be called Burger 200.  Fear not, if no burger is deemed epic enough, there is a back-up plan.

For those of you wondering what might constitute an epic burger, I’ve dug up the Great Burger Search archives to show you 10 burgers that are out of the ordinary and they’re all from the Montreal area.

1.   Burger 6:  Copoli

Pictures speak a thousand words.  The sheer diameter of this burger alone is enough to place it in the category of epic.  Once a claimant of Montreal’s biggest burger, are we looking for size for something epic?

2.  Burger 58:  Chenoy’s Laval

The Gargantuan from Chenoy’s is a burger that I often credit as the launching pad for the GBS.  Boasting two large beef patties, I had a great deal of trouble finishing this monster.  Being a little stubborn, not only did I attempt this burger in 2010, but also, a full year before in the pre-GBS days.  One has to wonder if massive girth is enough to be epic.

3.  Burger 66:  Chez Papa Ernie

Outside being a Kosher restaurant, Chez Papa Ernie offers a Kitchen Sink burger which has literally every other burgers’ components in it.  Now, is over-stuffing a burger with every conceivable item known to humankind considered epic?

4.  Burger 69:  Jukebox Burger

This is the 1 pound Gleason from Jukebox Burgers on the West Island.  Recently, they also teamed up with the crazy people over at Epic Meal Time to create a challenge baring the YouTube sensation’s name.  Do over-the-top challenges count as something epic?

5.  Burger 85:  J’m La Frite

This Brontosaurus burger in Verdun has 3 distinct patties.  It’s one of the few burgers I’ve ever had that surpassed 2 patties.  With a slice of a spicy cold cut, it really packs a punch.  Does stacking a whole bunch of patties fall in the category of epic?

6.  Burger 107:  Gringo

We all know what a casse-croute burger looks like.  Gringo takes the tried and true Quebec staple and runs evil scientific tests on it to create something out of this world.  Imagine that small casse-croute burger mutating into a giant sized version of itself.  It’s something out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but is it epic enough?

7.  Burger 118:  Moishes

Sometimes, ramping up in quality can be something we look for in a burger.  This burger is only offered on the After 9 menu at Moishes.  Their interpretation on the classic burger includes Kobe beef.  Does quality and reputation do anything when it relates to epicness? (Update:  As of August 2012, the burger finds itself on the normal menu, available during all open hours.)

8.  Burger 130:  Deville Dinerbar

The Deville burger may have made my Fave 5, but there was  whole lot more that went into it than just a burger.  When the ingredients are all of quality, you have something special.  You also have to factor in the atmosphere of a certain restaurant when eating that burger.  How does the place you’re eating the burger affect the epicness?

9.  Burger 139:  Le Gros Jambon

Sometimes, it isn’t how much you pay or how big a burger is.  There are burgers that are special because they have the zaniest ingredients that no other place would ever dare to take on.  For instance, where else in Montreal can you get Coca-Cola mayo?  Does tweaking the tried and true burger ingredients make for something epic?

10.  Burger 148:  La Belle et la Boeuf

We end the list with the most jaw-dropping burger I ever personally ate.  You need a strategy to eat this particular burger.  Heck, you probably would be better off with a forklift.  It makes you wonder whether or not burgers that require special strategies come under the auspices of epicness.

Final Words

These are only 10 burger that I tried and finished, which can all, in their own way, be called epic.  I’m pretty sure that there are other burgers that can blow any of these 10 out of the water.  There are now only 10 months left until Burger 200 and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s out there, hopefully finding something worthy enough to put a cherry on top of the Burger Search.


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