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5500 Grande Allée
Saint-Hubert, Quebec

Delivery Phone #:  (450) 462-1060

Bus:  RTL 5, 21, 50, 150

Pick-Up:  August 9, 2012

When I think of another part of my upbringing, chicken plays a big part of that.  In the past, I had a soft spot for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  But, also in the picture was a take-out/delivery place known as Rotisseries Benny, or Benny’s for short.  If you live or spent any significant time on the South Shore of Montreal, you’ve seen the bright red cars with the logos up top.  If you really know your South Shore, you’ll know that there is only 1 real place to get poutine and that’s at Benny’s

I have to start with this, Benny’s is one of my favorite places in all of the South Shore of Montreal.  We’ve been apart for the last few years, but in 2011, we’ve been reunited.  After going through other lesser places that shall not be named, it was with open arms that I welcomed Benny’s back into my life.  It might not be their chicken that does the trick, though it’s not half bad, it’s their poutine that has me coming back for more.

Let’s make it clear, Benny’s isn’t a sit-down restaurant.  Your only options are to call for it or go pick it up yourself.  If there isn’t a more telling sign of how this place is a South Shore institution, it’s the sight of a single person walking on Taschereau boulevard with a package of Benny’s.  A person willing to hoof it to Benny’s just shows you what you’re dealing it.

You also better be patient when you go into the location to pick up food.  Benny’s is an extremely busy place.  No matter what time of the day you’re there at, there are at least a dozen other people having the same idea as you.  If you’re patient, you’ll be rewarded as it’s quite worth it.

The other iconic part of this restaurant are the bright red cars that roam the streets.  In the picture, you’ll see them on the left side.  The only thing that needs to be said about these cars is that they’re really eager to get the chicken to the destination, really eager.

When you get your order, you are given the food in the signature boxes, tied with strings.  It might not be an original idea, but it’s something that I’ve come to identify with Benny’s.

When we order from Benny’s, we usually get a box of rotisserie chicken.  That box also includes a piece of bread, coleslaw, sauce, and crinkle cut French fries.  I apologize for not getting a clear picture of the actual chicken.  I wasn’t about to play with someone else’s food.  Fear not, there will be plenty of chicken pictures later on.


This is by far one of the most consistent poutines I’ve ever had in my life.  This was also the first poutine I’ve ever had in my life and turned me onto our national dish.  To add to that, you’ll find it as part of my Best of Poutine 2011 post I did at the end of last year.

A Benny’s poutine is not very complicated.  You have the crinkle cut French fries and their unique sauce.  The sauce is not your normal poutine sauce.  Though it is the same sauce that’s included with the chicken, you should know that it is quite hot.

Probably the most telling sign of this poutine is the quality of the curds.  For me, that’s one of the most important parts of poutine.  When you have good curds, you have optimism.  The rest could be below par, but a good curd will stick with you for a long while.  These curds are great because they’re always fresh.  How do I know that?  I’ll say that a curd that consistently squeaks is one that’s pretty darn good.  The inclusion of the curds aren’t scarce either, as you get a plentiful amount of decently sized curds.

Now, the rest of the pictures are to demonstrate what a normal Benny’s meal these days looks like for me.  For one, there’s the passing on of the piece of bread.  While other places give you that hamburger bun looking thing, Benny’s gives you the half hot dog bun piece of bread.  The nice thing about it is that it’s never too over cooked, it’s always just right.

Then, there is the delivery of excess chicken.  Now, I wasn’t about to eat it in the bowl, I was going to do something better and that would play to my laziness.

Yes, I dumped it all in the poutine.  Now, you’re probably wondering why a chicken poutine wasn’t ordered, as Benny’s does offer that option.  Well, I’ll explain that in a bit.  As you’re eating the poutine, I try my best to push the chicken aside into a splotch of sauce.  When combined, the white meat of the chicken tastes a whole lot better when drenched.

Earlier in the post, I mentioned my past devotion to Kentucky Fried Chicken.  We all know why that place is popular with a lot of us and it isn’t about the chicken.  The skin is probably more popular than anything else in that establishment.  Heck, a whole South Park episode’s plot was derived off of the stealing of KFC skin.  All this to say that the skin on Benny’s chicken is a thing of gold.  When we were younger, I can remember literally fighting with siblings over this tiny piece of magic.

I manage to finish the whole feast of poutine and chicken nearly every time.  Portion size at Benny’s is quite generous.  This poutine is actually the smaller size.  When we returned to Benny’s last year, we started off by ordering the larger size of poutine.  I actually ate that thing in one sitting and subsequently regretted it for a while.  Then, in order to make it easier on me, we would section it off into 2 halves.  That wasn’t any better.  I remember the times where 4 of us would share the poutine and it was barely enough.  Now, you’re engorged in something like 48 ounces of poutine, not easy.  So, the poutine above is the smaller 28 ounce size.

This last picture is the chicken poutine that Benny’s offered.  Now, before you think that this was all consumed on the same day, you should know that this was a few weeks prior.  For the heck of it, we ordered the chicken version.  The notable difference is that you’ll get a majority of darker meat in your poutine, where it’s pretty much minced.  It didn’t really hit the spot because the chicken gets lost in the overpowering sauce.  That’s why we went back to having a few pieces of white meat being added on top.  Plus, you can’t get chicken skin in the poutine.

Final Verdict

Benny’s is an iconic part of the fabric of the South Shore of Montreal.  Their rotisserie chicken and poutine are among the best I’ve ever had in my life.  The fact that they are always busy proves why they’ve been around for so long.  With 3 locations on the South Shore, they keep the population within minutes of great poutine.

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