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Thinking about what I did, or didn’t get to do in June, I had to make up for lost time in July.  July was jam packed with a lot of big time visits, most notably a trek to Toronto, the home of Burger 150.  It seems like just yesterday where I was going to Ottawa and Quebec City to hit the milestones of Burger 50 and Burger 100.  Even though July was a conclusion to the third season of the Great Burger Search, it was also the beginning of the fourth.  To open things up in Season 4, I wanted to start things off with a bang and I think I accomplished that.

So, here’s a recap of what took place in July of 2012:

1.  Café Pavé

Last January, I was contacted through Urbanspoon and asked to pay attention to a brand new start-up sandwich shop.  I didn’t want to go right away because I wanted to see how time set in.  Having seen many positive reviews of the place, it was one of the 4 must-try places for me this summer.  While my exploits with an ice tea jar and my confusion with ice may have amused some of you, what I found was a sandwich worth talking about.

2.  BBQ 2012

Before heading to Toronto, I had the chance to spend some time with some of my favorite people on the planet in Mirabel at a BBQ.  While there’s nothing really exciting about a run of the mill BBQ, I had other plans in mind.  Having already finished off one burger, I had the really genius idea of constructing something a little bit bigger.

3.  BURGER 150 - Holy Chuck in Toronto

It was the burger I was waiting a whole year to try.  To be honest, over that time span, I was jumping back and forth as to what I wanted to try in Toronto.  There were even times where I was actually thinking of going to another closer city for something really appealing.  But, my mind was set on Toronto to try one of the most talked and blogged about burger joints in Canada.  Getting there, I wasn’t about to go simple, I had to run the whole gamut from burger, to poutine, all the way to something really out of the ordinary.

4.  Mon Nan

Returning from Toronto, it was back to business.  I was back on the hunt to complete my list of the 4 personal must-try places for me during my time off.  Mon Nan offers a really interesting lunch menu.  The fact that I’ve seen this advertising almost every week for the last 4 years is way too tempting to pass up any longer.

5.  Winneburger

To start the fourth season of Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search, I needed a burger worthy enough to have that designation.  Winneburger fits that bill on so many levels.  The first point is the fact that it comes from the tried and true team at Nouveau Palais.  The second and probably most telling factor is that it’s a food truck.  I’ve never had anything out of a food truck before.  While other food truck opportunities were really tempting, my first experience should have come with a burger attached and I’m glad it did.

6.  Léo Pizza & Brochettes

In the third must-try place for me, I go way back to my past.  This pizza place was a childhood institution for not only me, but for many people who made Brossard home.  If that isn’t enough, this was my introduction to bacon.  Without the pizza here, I don’t think I would be in the middle of a burger search.  While the debate for the best pizza in Montreal will rage on, this place will always have a special place in my heart.

7.  Universel

The hunt for great burgers continues in earnest at Universel.  Universel is a place that is most notably known for breakfast.  However, they do have a vast menu of other selections, including a few burgers worth trying.  The item that capped off the visit, a chocolate mousse cake, was probably the hit of the restaurant.

8.  Vices & Versa

Vices & Versa’s specialty is in the world of beer.  Well, since I don’t hide the fact that I don’t drink, you must be wondering why I ended up here.  This would be a good time to reiterate that if they serve a burger, it’s fair game.  What they serve here isn’t your normal, run of the mill burger either.  What you get here is bison.  Being my second ever bison experience, I was more than eager to see how it stacked up to the last time I had it.  As well, this was my first ever restaurant nacho experience.

9.  Le Cristal Chinois

Being half-Chinese, I always have time for Dim Sum.  Up to this point, I’ve been to 3 recorded Dim Sum places during the GBS.  Le Cristal Chinois showed up on the scene this past year and it is threatening to take the loyalty of many Dim Sum lovers.  When you enter the restaurant, you’ll notice right away how different this place really is.

10.  History of French Fries (Menuism - Huffington Post)

My lastest contribution to Menuism, which was just picked up by the Huffington Post, was all about the French fries.  We all know that the main go-to side dish for burgers are fries.  Here, in Montreal, we know French fries for its more tasty role as part of the ever so epic poutine.

Coming Up in August 2012

In August, I’m hoping to introduce a new aspect to the GBS which will shed some more light about burgers.

Stay tuned!


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