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5455 Grande Allée
Brossard, Quebec

Bus:  RTL 5, 21, 50, 150

Visit:  July 19, 2012

My visit to Léo Pizza in Brossard marks another chapter from my childhood that I want to share with everyone.  Léo’s, as we called them at home, and their pizza played a large role in my upbringing.  In a relationship that spans almost 20 years, it is the establishment that introduced me to my all-time favorite ingredient in this whole, entire world.

Everyone has their opinion about who makes the best pizza and what it takes to make one that is solid.  I’m not going to add to that because I’m probably biased on this one.  In the early 90s, when my family was still living in a modest apartment, we had one take-out/delivery place that we kept going back to, Léo Pizza.  I can say whatever I want about my childhood and the way I was brought up, but the one thing that I can never deny is that we had our places when it came to eating.

Just about every Friday night, we would order pizza for the entire family.  For a family of 6 people, it took 2 extra-large pizzas to feed everyone.  The best part of that was getting to have the leftovers the day after.  We would place the pieces in our small toaster over and I swear it tasted 10 times better.  This was well before I discovered that I could eat them cold the next day.  Back then, I could easily down 6 slices without batting an eye.

My decision to go back to Léo’s was basically fuelled by 2 things.  The first thing was that I haven’t had their pizza in years.  When certain members of the family are convinced that Domino’s is superior pizza, I bow my head down in shame.  I’d like to meet someone, who doesn’t work there, who can honestly give me a good argument as to why it’s good. 

The second thing that brought me here is the fact that I’ve been spending a lot of time recently going back and finding the places that defined me.  Last April, I went down the street to Guy La Patate and was shocked to find the one thing I was looking for was no longer there.  For Léo’s, I was hoping that I would not receive that same shock.

When you enter the dining room, you are greeted by the nicely painted mural on the wall on the right.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anybody to be eating in the dining room.  Surprisingly, there was another couple in the midst of their meal.  Léo’s isn’t really a place where I would think people would sit down and eat.  This was the first time I ever set foot in the place.  They’re more well known for their delivery and take-out.  So, I was curious to see how 3 servers would work in a place where you could hear a pin drop.  Just don’t let the empty room fool you, they do make a lot of business by telephone.

Onion Rings

I ordered a side of onion rings.  They’re not unlike anything you ever had before, though I did have trouble getting any kind of taste as they were too crispy.  In retrospect, I could’ve got away without ordering any, as the pizza was more than enough.

10” Bacon Pizza

This pizza contains sauce, cheese, and bacon.

This pizza and I have a long history together.  I can’t tell you how many slices of this pizza I’ve had over the years.  Our multi-year separation could not go on any longer.  This was one of the first ever take-out pizzas I ever tried in my childhood and it’s the one I measure all my future pizzas with.  I’m not saying that it’s the best out there, it’s just something that reminds me of my past.

The bigger significance of this pizza is in the signature ingredient, the bacon.  For those of you who have been following my Burger Search over the last 3 years, you’ll know that I go overboard when it comes to bacon.  Well, this is where it all started, with this pizza.  Every time I ate a slice from Léo’s, my love for bacon just grew exponentially.  So, when I die from whichever bacon-related disease I get, this place will receive some sort of inheritance and a subsequent lawsuit for leading to my early demise.  I’m just kidding, as I owe a large debt of gratitude to them for showing me that bacon does make everything better.

Due to the fact that it has been years since the last time I’ve had a bacon pizza here, the anticipation and my expectations were up there.  We all know that as time passes, things change and quality has a way of diminishing.  I had to talk myself into not changing my mind about coming back here.  It’s that one leap of faith that I just had to take.

After that first bite, the realization set in, it hasn’t changed a bit.  It tasted exactly the same as the first time I had it some 20 years ago.  After the air of nostalgia left the room, I had to look at it like I would anything else I eat these days.

If there was one thing that I could change, it would be the sauce.  There wasn’t quite enough sauce.  Though it was spread out appropriately, it just wasn’t strong enough to overcome the power of the bacon and cheese.

The crust was crispy and not over-burnt at all.  The pizza was a little thinner than I remembered, but it was enough to hold up the heavier bacon.  The crispiness of the bacon was just right for the venue it was in.  To top things off, I firmly believe that this is the best way to slice bacon for a pizza.

People may claim that bacon has no place on a pizza, but I beg to differ.  If done properly, it can be just as good as any other pizza ingredient.  So, if you’re thinking that there is a lack of ingredients on this pizza, you might be right or wrong.  For a lot of people, they need more to satisfy their desires.  For me, this is just right.  Anyways, we all know that taste in pizza is hugely subjective and what I may like, others might find disgusting.  But, all I know, if I could, I would have this pizza every single day for the rest of my life.

Final Verdict

If you live in the South Shore, namely the Brossard/St-Hubert area, I highly recommend choosing Léo’s Pizza for your take-out.  It’s one of the few small pizza places that have kept their product consistently above average for a long time.  I’m so glad that I’ve been reunited with my childhood pizza place and I’m far from being done with their menu.

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