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I often get asked if I make my own burgers.  Well, the answer to that is still a resounding no.  One of these days, it will happen, but for now, I took a teeny, tiny, little step towards doing that.  At a BBQ in Mirabel, all the ingredients were collected and we were ready to have burgers and a good time.

So, without further adieu, here’s what the burger part of that day looked like:

The first part of the process is to introduce the beef being used for this day.  Now, to make things a bit clearer, I had no hand in purchasing the ingredients, though I had some influence in one matter, which should be obvious to the regular readers of this blog.  This is a box of Angus beef burger patties that could probably be purchase at any major grocery store.  It might lower your expectations a bit when you see the box, but we still have to retain some optimism.

Once the package is opened, this is what the patties look like.  The first thing that struck me was the unusual flower-like shape they possessed.  I compare them to what my parents made back in the day and today’s product was a bit different to say the least.  We’ll reserve judgement until we actually taste the final product.

Here’s a better view of them on the grill.  Yes, the tool for the burgers’ creation was going to be a grill.  This was exciting for me because I never had a burger this way before.  I’ve had other things on the grill, but never a burger.

Now, what would a burger be without the greatest ingredient on the planet, bacon!  We almost didn’t have any at all.  An emergency phone call rectified that situation.

The big problem that we had was trying to figure how we would cook the bacon on the grill.  You can’t just put slabs of it like that, they needed some sort of vessel.  That’s when we saw the trays.  They were perfectly suited for the grill itself.  Though, one should know that the lower levels of heat are not quite enough to cook the bacon.  It also takes a whole lot of patience.  It was actually yours truly who cut the bacon and laid them across the tray.

Now, I was actually one of the last people to have a burger.  During that waiting process, I was observing and learning for future opportunities.  When it came time for my burger to be prepped, I was all too happy to do that myself.  So, the first step was to place the patty with not one, but two slices of cheese.

Following that, I was watching someone next to me applying mayonnaise on their cheese.  Since they swore by it, I just had to do it myself.  It wasn’t that hard as the mayo went on easy.

I then found some lettuce and applied it on the mayonnaise.  This is where I applied two strips of bacon.  The cross pattern was one that seemed like the most suitable for the occasion.

I places the tomatoes on top because of past experience.  I didn’t want the liquids to destroy the bottom bun.  It may look unconventional, but it seemed logical to me.

This is what the finished product looked like.  I’ll be honest, it looks comparable to some of the burgers I’ve had in the past.  It may look reasonably good, but the taste is the way we’ll judge how it turned out.

So, let’s get to it.  This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, cheese, and bacon.

The first thing you have to do is lower your expectations and realize what kind of situation you’re in.  With that all being said, I was actually quite pleased at the whole thing.  It’s a nice handful, there’s no real spilling of ingredients, and the meat didn’t taste half bad.  The proof is in the pudding when I see other people getting up for seconds and even thirds.

Now, you must be wondering what the deal is with this picture.  Well, after I consumed the first burger, I started thinking of what to eat next.  At a BBQ like this, there’s things from hot dogs to chicken.  But, I was thinking of putting my insane burger experience to good use.  So, as the grill-masters were eating, I was tending to my very first burger flipping experience.  It was about two to three minutes of grilling on both sides.  Then, there was the fun part, putting on the cheese.  It’s pretty intimidating to see flames coming up.  All that was for a double patty with 4 pieces of cheese and another 4 pieces of bacon.  You should’ve seen the laughing.

In this picture you’ll see the compromise I made for the other witnesses to my insanity.  I quietly places a piece of lettuce and a tomato right under the top bun.  In all seriousness, what was I thinking?  This was an extremely hard burger to eat.  It wasn’t because of the taste, it was just too big.  Plus, the extreme amount of sliced cheese I put on it just drooped out from the burger.  But, in all, I finished it and proved the people around me why I don’t mess around with burgers.

The meal didn’t quite finish there.  I just want to show you all some of the other unique things that were brought in.  One of the guests thought of me when they were shopping and just had to purchase this.

Yes, this is creamy hickory bacon flavour ripple chips.  The first time I have ever seen bacon chips with ripples in them, I might add.

This is what the chips look like.  They don’t taste half bad either.

The same person thought of another guest’s sweet tooth and brought in a caramel-chocolate cake.  The cake was extremely light with just a touch of caramel, so that it wasn’t too overwhelming.  The pieces of brownie on top just added icing on top of that cake, pardon the pun.  It isn’t half bad for a grocery store.

Final Words

In the end, I was really happy to have this experience mere days before I head down to the center of the universe.  Building burgers are fun, but building crazy ones are even better!


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