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I’ll be the first person to admit that June wasn’t such a busy month when it came to the Great Burger Search.  Compared to the past few months, nothing got started until more than halfway into June.  So, what you saw at the end of the month was me trying to make up for lost time.  The reason for that is that the preparation for Burger 150 was in full swing.  As of this moment, the travel plans have been confirmed and the last second burger hunting is still underway.

I was recently looking back at some of my past posts when I came across my social media numbers from last July.  Last year, I had 305 Facebook likes and 267 followers on Twitter.  A year later, I’m proud to say that I’m up to 541 likes on Facebook.  What astounded me more is the fact that I nearly tripled my Twitter followers as I’m at 761 followers.  This may sound a tad bit narcissistic, but there’s a point to this.  Without you, the faithful readers of this site, I would be nowhere.  So, I want to thank you all for keeping up with my little Great Burger Search.

So without further adieu, here was the month that was June 2012:

1.  La Belle et la Boeuf Burger Bar

Burger 148 was a great time to have another Mr. Lew’s Burger Night.  I wanted to have one before ending the third season of the GBS.  For this occasion, I set my sights on a rather recent restaurant offering for Laval’s Centropolis.  What attracted me to this place was the immense variety that they offered.  What happened next was more than what anyone could have bargained for.

I want to thank GBS fans Amelie and Pascal for coming out to this burger night, as well as for their continuing support.  @sandman5 and @stephohanley's continuing willingness to join me on these excursion is simple priceless to me.  Also rounding out the group were the top burger experts in this city, Zeke and E Coli from The Montreal Burger Report.  If you have the time, check out the detailed comments left by E Coli on Burger 148’s post.

2.  L’Auberge du Dragon Rouge

If there’s one experience that each Montreal should have, it’s to go to this place.  Set in medieval times, the staff play their role to a tee.  This was the perfect way to wrap up the Montreal burger offerings for this season.  It was also another example of how I value the colleagues I have so very much.

3.  Prato

Sometimes, the way to choose restaurants is to go on a whim.  I’m not the best at that, but luckily for me, I have others who are better than I am.  This was a completely unexpected outing, but one that opened my eyes a bit.  While this day’s results fell short a bit, the online reviews back up this place and warrant me wanting to go back.

4.  Ripples

It wouldn’t be a Summer season without another ice cream offering.  While it was raining outside and masses of rowdy football fans were everywhere, one couldn’t just pass up on something right across the street from where you were eating.

5.  Sparta

I’m always on the look-out for Greek food in this city.  Sparta fits the category of eating on the go, as it is located in the heart of a very busy district.  While the menu isn’t quite varied, what you’ll get is more than satisfying.  While they are still rather new to the area, one can only hope they’ll be around long enough.

6.  Cold Stone Creamery

Much like I do with burgers, I try to avoid big time chains.  But there’s something about Cold Stone Creamery where one just has to try it at least once.  I guess that’s how it worked for Tim Horton’s.  What you’ll get over there is a variety of flavours to keep you interested and all that for a nice amount of change.

7.  Menuism - Non-Beef Burgers

My latest contribution to Menuism is all about the non-traditional burgers that aren’t made with beef.  While some kinds of burgers might not surprise you, others will come out of left field.  My research going into this article has inspired the fourth season of the GBS to include at least 4 non-beef burgers in the form of chicken, fish, veggie, and the mini-burger.

Coming up in July 2012:

-BURGER 150 - Need I really say more?
-Season 4 of the GBS begins with Burgers 151-153

Stay tuned!

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