GBS Review of May 2012 | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

The month of May marked a bit of a slow down for the Great Burger Search.  I can attribute that to the intensive preparation for the ultimate Burger 150 which is creeping up on me.  This month saw 5 more burgers go down the hatch and 2 other very sought after restaurants get added to my own personal repertoire.

Like I did last month, I’m going to once again update you on my social media goals.  At the end of April, I was at 686 Twitter followers, a mere 64 away from my final goal of 750.  Now, at the beginning of June, I find myself at 737 followers.  Again, a big thanks go out to all those people who enjoy reading about the tall tales I spin, even if they are a tad bit self-indulgent.

So without further adieu, here is what took place in May 2012:

1.  Hawgs Deli

At the very beginning of the month, I decided to go off to the east end of the island of Montreal.  That’s a part of the city where I really need to add more burger locations.  Hawgs Deli on Jarry fits that criteria for location.  Right off the bat, you see how unique this place looks.  Even though Hawgs wasn’t the original holder of this building, you still get a sense of originality in the decor, that was customized to fit the personality of the restaurant.  A visit here gave me yet another chance to have cream cheese in my burger, which happens to be my current cheese of choice.

2.  L’Aurochs

This marked my first ever real visit to Quartier Dix30 in my hometown of Brossard.  People wonder why I would go to a steakhouse to try a burger.  I have to reiterate that if anyone has the bright idea of putting a burger on their menu, it’s fair game.  The restaurant really had that fine dining look to it and we were treated to a Burger Search as well.  The server who was assigned to us was a trainee, who passed his ultimate test with flying colours, if you ask me.  In the end, the dish that stole the show wasn’t so much the burger, but the mashed potato side dish.

3.  Kapetan

For Burger 145, I returned to my territory of the South Shore to seek out Kapetan.  Located in the beautiful downtown part of Saint-Lambert, you wouldn’t quite know there’s a restaurant here, unless you took a really good, close look.  This restaurant continues its business with the strong support of its local and regular customers.  You can really see how small town, community life goes on by sitting in on a random Thursday night.

4.  McLean’s Pub

McLean’s recently celebrated their 20th anniversary of serving Montrealers their choice of fine beverages and pub grub.  I couldn’t resist any longer and just had to see for myself what 20 years of business has to offer when it comes to burgers.  While I tried really hard to like the burger, there were a few things that didn’t sit so well with me.  In the end, it was another example of how cream cheese and bacon can lift most burgers out from the unknown.

5.  Miami Deli

There aren’t very many good 24 hour locations in Montreal that serve 2 different menus at the same time.  Even more, there aren’t very many places with the shark-infested decor that this place has.  This was actually one of the first times where I really didn’t like the burger at all.  I guess I’m more to blame because I decided to complicate the kitchen’s life by combining three burgers into one.  Then again, when you go to places like this, it’s better to know what they’re strong at.

6.  Free Burger Day at Burger Bar (May 29, 2012)

If you click on the link about the Burger Bar, you’ll find the post I did last July.  You won’t find a post I really wanted to do on their Free Burger Day for their first year anniversary in Montreal.  As you can see in the picture, the event was a massive success.  I actually passed by twice that afternoon and that line stretched all the way to de Maisonneuve.  From what I heard, thousands of burger and cheeseburgers were served that day, where many smiles were seen.  A year later, Burger Bar, home of Burger 101, is still alive and kicking.  I want to wish them all the best in the coming year and congratulations on an event well done!

On a side note, I was a little lucky that I didn’t wait around in line that day.  As we all know, that day was historic because of the massive tropical monsoon showers we received that afternoon.  I hope you weren’t caught up in it, which is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event.

7.  Smoke’s Poutinerie

What might of seemed like my loss for that particular event eventually led to me trying out something that I wanted to do since I heard they were coming to Montreal.  While they have a location at Mont-Tremblant, this was Smoke’s first real shot in the poutine game.  While poutine purists might not be too happy about this newest competitor, I’m just going to wish that everyone can co-exist, because that’s what’s best for the ones who win in all this, the eating public.  I guess I’m biased because of the generous amounts of bacon put in my poutine.

8.  Tong Por

May 2012 finished with something that I can’t believe took 10 months to get me back into, Dim Sum.  Dim Sum is part of my childhood and heritage.  I’ve tried many of the Chinatown locations and never expanded beyond that.  I used this opportunity to see what a place in the northern end of the island has to offer.  Going on many reviews I read in the past, I was sure that I wasn’t taking a shot in the dark.  Based on what I stuffed my face with that day, I was very pleased with the results.

9.  Resto-Bar Le Crapaud

During the month of May, I was saddened to learn that Le Crapaud, home of Burger 87 has closed its doors.  Le Crapaud was also on the list of contenders for Burger 200 in July 2013.  The Wawaron Challenge was a huge burger that set this restaurant apart from others.  The owner has now moved on to a new endeavour called Franky’s on Sainte-Catherine and assured me that a great burger will be unveiled there shortly.

10.  Menuism

My latest Menuism offering was based on the different burgers you can get around North America.  There are many different ingredients that are prominent in various parts of North America and they find themselves in burgers as well.  It goes to show you that you can always get a good variety of burgers in your travels.

11.  Huffington Post - Biggest Burgers - Regional Burgers

In May, Huffington Post Food published not one, but two of my Menuism articles for consumption by the worldwide public.  The second article on regional burgers amassed over 215 comments.  While some of those comments lament the decaying state of North America’s health, others were positive, as they added suggestions on finding great burgers.

Coming up in June 2012:

-Burgers 148-149
-Mr. Lew’s Burger Night 2 on June 15


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