Annex 68: Free Cone Day 2012 @ Ben & Jerry's | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

1200 McGill College
Montreal, Quebec

Bus: AMT Terminus Centre-ville, STM 15, 24, 61, 125, 150, 168, 178, 410, 420, 427, 430, 435, 715, 747, 935
Metro: Peel, McGill, Bonaventure
Train: Gare Centrale

Visit:  April 3, 2012

Ben & Jerry’s has played an important part in the last year for me.  On this day, I just want to highlight something that they do once every year.  On a day in April, Ben & Jerry’s offer a free cone to their customers.  Regardless of what kind of weather it is, you’ll find droves of people lining up just for that one scoop of ice cream.  For me, it’s been 9 months since I’ve had any chocolate therapy and I wasn’t about to pass this up.

On that day, I was fortunate enough to finish early to take advantage of the free ice cream.  So, I decided to finish my visit to Le Gros Jambon by taking a nice leisurely walk to McGill College, where I had so many ice cream moments.

Now, my go-to ice cream choice at Ben & Jerry’s is Chocolate Therapy.  I guess I have  a sweet spot for chocolate.  Since that last Annex entry in June, I’ve had the privilege to set foot in some great Montreal establishments like Roberto, Cacao 70, and Juliette & Chocolat.  All of those places found a way to satisfy my urge for chocolate just like Ben & Jerry’s does on a regular basis.  The Chocolate Therapy might not be the best in Montreal, but it’s consistent.

Ben & Jerry’s was also the place I went after I was interviewed on the radio last July.  That night was quite something, in combination with nearly perfect weather, I was looking for something to cap things off with.  The only problem was that they ran out of Chocolate Therapy on that day.  Even my second choice of Cherry Garcia wasn’t available either.  Luckily, you can’t go wrong with ice cream and nearly anything would’ve sufficed.

Last year’s experience with Free Cone Day taught me quite a bit.  My last experience was also paired with a burger.  It was a visit at McCarold’s on Cote-des-Neiges for Burger 90.  Then, I waited nearly 30 minutes in line for ice cream.  It wasn’t until I saw the way out, make a donation to get ahead.  I know it defeats the purpose of Free Cone Day, but making a donation helps.  So, for the sum of 2 dollars, you get to cut line and fast-track your ice cream desires. 

This year, I wasn’t about to stand there and wait.  The line wasn’t quite as long as the previous year.  Last year, the line started at the Reuben’s right about the corner.  Luckily, this time around, we were only at the corner.  I already had my 2 dollars handy and took the very first opportunity to speed my way through.  So, if you were in the line that day, I’m sorry.

I get to the opening and see a whole bunch of people who have no idea what they’re going to order.  I’m like John Pinette in a way because I agree with his philosophy, if you don’t know what you want, get out of line!  It was then when I noticed that there were cameras filming for the evening’s news telecast.  Then, to my left, I see Global’s Jamie Orchard serving ice cream.  I was thinking to myself that if I time myself properly, I could have her scoop the ice cream for me.  Thanks to those indecisive people in front of me, that’s exactly what happened.  Now, I can say that I had a well know Montreal celebrity serve me ice cream.  For a little more trivia, Jamie Orchard and I graduated from the same high school, different years of course.  I’ll let you look that up yourself.

On my way out, I took out more money to donate, because I couldn’t simply turn those people down.  I took shelter from the cold in the Eaton Center where I finished the ice cream and thanking my good fortune that I got to have my second try at Free Cone Day.

Final Verdict

If you live near or around the Montreal area, it is completely wrong of you to not go in for Free Cone Day.  Take out some spare change and make a donation, it’s for a good cause.  There aren’t many places offering free anything these days.  So, this time next year, I hope you’ll be in line with me at Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day 2013.

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