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March was a really huge month for Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search.  As they say, actions speak louder than words and that’s exactly what I set out to do.  The first thing that was done was the complete overhaul of what the GBS used to look like and what it looks like now.  I’ll admit, the first design was out of convenience.  The design I chose met all the needs of the GBS going forward.  Even though all I had to do was choose a new theme, it wasn’t an easy process, as it took me hours to do.  Tweaking it wasn’t any easier.  So, I hope you like the way the blog looks like now, because I won’t be changing it for a long time to come.

Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search - March 2011-March 2012

Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search - March 2012-Present

Another change was the introduction of the Mr. Lew’s GBS logo, which actually didn’t take very long to make.  It keeps the signature orange that I love so much and makes it clear what I do.

So, without further adieu, here’s what happened in a very busy March of 2012:

1.  Jay C’s Resto Bar

The first burger of the month took me back to an area of the South Shore that I spent a few years in.  Jay C’s Resto Bar is a stone’s throw away from where Mr. Lew called his place of work.  I’ve always wondered about this place and it was like.  I always regretted never going with the colleagues when they went here.  After my own personal visit in 2012, I can understand why so many fellow South Shore residents show up here.

2.  Mahli Sweets

March was another history making month for Mr. Lew as it was time to try Indian food for the very first time.  The dishes for the evening included Butter Chicken and Shrimp Biryani.  For the very first time that I’ve ever been to any Indian restaurant, Mahli Sweets really was enough to warrant another attempt at this very different type of food for me.

3.  Fung Shing Revisited

Months ago, I proposed a new revisited feature that had me going back and topping up some lacklustre posts from the past.  On one of my regular Friday visits to Fung Shing, the inspiration hit me and it was time to get that feature going.  It may of been a spur of a moment thing, but it was a restaurant that was fitting enough to get to be first.  It also marked my transition between doing normal restaurant reviews to telling stories.  I would much rather tell a story than review things.  I hope that by reading what I write, you’ll get a sense of what a restaurant is like.

4.  Bon Appétit Des Caraïbes

In an attempt to expand my horizons, I once again went in the direction of the islands.  GBS history was made once again when I actually got to try goat for the very first time.  I went into the evening not really expecting much, but came out with a better appreciation for the Caribbean style of food.

5.  Cacao 70

Cacao 70 has been a long awaited place for me to visit.  Their selection of chocolates, drinks, and desserts really had me anxiously waiting for the right moment.  When my Caribbean night closed, it was only right to walk up Atwater and make the short trek to Cacao 70.  What I had there was the most unique way that I’ve ever seen a cake presented to me.  The dessert is a top contender for the end of year post I’ll be doing in December.

6.  Juliette & Chocolat

Not to be outdone by the chocolate outing nights before, Juliette & Chocolat was the next stop on the dessert trail.  It was the end of a very light parent-teacher interview session and the best way to finish things off was to have a raspberry chocolate mousse cake.  We were lucky to get there right before closing and the result was yet another candidate for dessert of the year.

7.  Del Friscos

Larry Robinson can rest easy, his pizza is good.  This visit has been pushed off for the last few months.  We even went to the nearby Jack Astor’s first when this place was just sitting there, right next door.  After quite the long wait, the remainder of the restaurant experience was quite astounding.  We were impressed by the whole deal, which having a good pizza that night didn’t hurt.

8.  Nouveau Felix

Sometimes Mr. Lew doesn’t find the burger, the burger finds him.  The last thing I expected to do on this day was eat a burger.  But, who am I to turn down a bacon cheeseburger?  In an attempt to make sure I properly scour Montreal, this place had to be on the list.

9.  Miss Jean-Talon

When I hear that a pizza place is doing Chinese food or even burgers, I scratch my head.  But, when suggestions are made to me, from no matter which restaurant, I have to investigate.  What I found was a decent claim to having a burger worth trying.  The thing that really took my experience to the next level here was the pizza.

10.  Les p’tits plaisirs

I’m not good at finding places to eat on a whim.  Our first intended location to have gelato fell through and we were left with back-up plans to be made quickly on the spot.  It’s funny how those places aren’t open when it’s a really nice day, earlier than normal.  So, walking around St-Hubert, we found another place out the corner of our eyes that really hit the spot.  It’s funny that a few days later, while showing another colleague the post, he mentioned how he knew the people who worked there.  Small world.

11.  Ettingers

March 2012 had to end with a bang.  For that, I proposed a place that I’ve been hearing a lot about over the last little while.  Claiming to have good smoked meat and above par burgers, it was the challenge that we were ready and willing to take on.  It was also on my radar because I was looking to add Lasalle to my Burger Search and now I’m glad I did.

12.  Menuism/Huffington Post

This monthly review post cannot go any further without mentioning my second article for Menuism about the 5 most audacious burgers in North America.  Like my last post on the history of the hamburger, it was also picked up by the Huffington Post.  So, take a look at the posts by clicking one of the two links below:

13.  FAQs

I’m looking for questions to make up a new FAQs section.  Please see this post:

Coming Up in April 2012:

-Burgers 139-142
-Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day
-Greek Food
-Chinese Food
-As I promised on my Facebook page, Burger 140 will be a veggie burger.

If you have suggestions as to where that veggie burger should be or any other types of feedback, you can always interact with me on my Facebook page, through Twitter, or at my e-mail address  As for my goals for Burger 150 in July, I’m only 10 Facebook likes away and exactly 100 Twitter followers away!

We are now less than a 100 days until Burger 150!