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377 Laurier O.
Montreal, Quebec

Bus:  STM 46, 51, 80, 129, 435, 935

Visit:  March 13, 2012

My search for another place to get decent in Montreal has led me to Juliette & Chocolat.  Montreal has quite the competition when it comes to dessert.  Whether it be ice cream or chocolate, you have a wide selection of places that can satisfy your sweet tooth.  Myself, having just done another chocolate, was still in the frame of mind where I needed that sugary fix.  Where better than this place to try something that I’m really starting to enjoy.

On this evening, what brought me here was something more or less unexpected.  I was actually hoping to cap off my Mahli experience with a trip to this place, but it just wasn’t to be.  So, I took the very first chance to suggest this to my colleagues for a future outing.  It was GBS regular Steakman who threw out an idea that, for me, came out of left field.  Why don’t we go after our parent-teacher interviews?  I knew we finished at 10 p.m., but luckily, Juliette & Chocolat closed an hour later, leaving plenty of time for us to get there.

In all, it was Steakman and Heizenberg who came along, as we rushed down L’Acadie and Parc Avenue to make it there in record time.  The fact that there was work being done of the iconic Montreal avenue put a few monkey wrenches in our plans.  We weren’t able to get quick access to Laurier.  We had to go around to Saint-Joseph and hang a right at Hutchinson to find our way onto the nearly car-less street.  Therefore, if you put two and two together, parking wasn’t such a big issue.

We got there about quarter past 10 at night.  Luckily, the place stays open late enough for people like us to get our late night dessert fix.  I’ve put together some outings in the past that finished late and we were basically shut out of dessert because everything was closed.  So, the fact that we were able to sit down and enjoy a little while, was something that knocked that first positive notch on the night’s belt.

As we passed the red curtains, the same variety as shown my Griffintown Cafe post, we were in awe of what we saw.  You have a large staircase that is very hard to missed.  We put ourselves towards the right wall, right when you enter.  That gave us a decent view of the vacant night-time street.  Steakman was actually quite impressed with the decor.

There are a lot of restaurants in that area of the city.  So, every little touch or detail is quite important in ensuring that your potential customer walks into your place, rather than the more well-known place next door (I hope you know what place I’m referring to).  Let’s just say, going from Steakman’s state of awe, I think we chose a good place to cap off our long work day.

It being so late, you didn’t really get to see the staff at their greatest.  Dressed in their red hats, they are very hard to miss.  In our interactions with them, you’re really not so sure if they’re happy or not.  Luckily, there wasn’t any really apparent opposition, seeing how we showed up in the later stages of their shift.  Our server answered all our questions and attended to our table with the minimum of delays.  Though, at times, it felt like they had their hands full with other things, as they were trying to clean and close up shop.

Hot Chocolate

This was the drink of choice for both Heizenberg and Steakman.

Chocolate Medley

Steakman opted for the medley of chocolate.  This is a brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.  This first picture shows you how the dish was presented in its delivery to the table.

The second picture gives you a better view of what the actual product looks like.

Lastly, you’ll now notice that Steakman decided to really mix things up.  How poured the provided chocolate sauce over the ice cream and brownie.  That created this overflowing chocolate water fountain of delight.  For what it’s worth, he was very happy with what he ordered.  He was so happy that he’s now demanding regular visits to this place.

Iced Tea

As most of you know by now, I am big when it comes to iced tea.  Even though I don’t normally write about drinks, I like to bring you something when the situation necessitates it.  This iced tea surprised me for 2 reasons.  The first reason was the size.  For what you’re paying for the drink, you get a reasonable amount of iced tea to drink.

The second reason is found the realm of taste.  Regardless of how it’s made or what can it comes from, I actually found it to be really good.  Mind you, you might tell me that I’m being foolish and rash on that call, but that’s how happy I was with is.  It was the perfect compliment for what you’re about to see.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

When it comes to dessert, you make about half of your judgement before you even take a bite.  A dessert has to be so much more than taste.  It has to also be aesthetically pleasing.  My first visual impression of this dessert was a little perplexed. It looked a little small to me, but I know that it’s really not about size.  You’ll also see the lever in the bottom right corner of the cake.  That bothered me momentarily because I had no idea what it was there for.  It took a few jabs at the dessert to figure out it was part of a secondary plate.

I wanted to order this because I recently discovered a real preference for chocolate mousse cakes.  As I always have in my mind, my research leads me to prepare myself for what I wanted long in advance.  I had this particular in mind and I knew it was going to be something.  On this evening, Heizenberg also joined in and took the same dessert, after really thinking about his choices.

My first bite of this dessert was quite something.  It was on par with the other chocolate mousse cakes I’ve had in the past.  The dark chocolate is present and never overwhelming, which is good.  You can easily tell that the raspberry plays an important role.  With each bite, you get proof that there are real berries used to make this cake.  It may bother some people, but it solidified my impression of this cake.  The coup de gras is that the sauce was used to accentuate the pieces of cake broken off as they were readied for consumption.  I didn’t regret my choice at all and neither did Heizenberg.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a place to have dessert near the Plateau, you definitely have to give Juliette & Chocolat a try.  Don’t go there for the conversation with the staff, but go there to have something chocolate based.  If you’re there with a group, the combination of that with something sweet and savoury will make it very hard for you to get up and leave.  I will be back because there are still desserts over there with my name on it.

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