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6202 Chemin de Chambly
St-Hubert, Quebec

Bus:  RTL 5, 9, 42, 50, 60, 88, 142, T20

Visit:  March 6, 2012


Lately, I’ve been going around and covering a lot of locations that had a place in my past.  This place is no different.  On a day where I had to run many errands, this fit perfectly in my plans.  Plus, it’s really nice to not have to leave the South Shore to have a burger, for once.  Jay C’s is located deep in St-Hubert, on the cusp of commercial territory and a highly residential neighborhood.  Much more than being close to home for me, it’s also closer to another point in Mr. Lew’s past.

From 2006 to 2008, I was employed in the area.  From time to time, some of my colleagues would ask me if I wanted to go to Jay C’s.  Money, being what it was at the time, wasn’t so abundant and I hesitated.  When I hesitate, things aren’t going to happen so much.  So, I never really ended up going to Jay C’s when it was close and convenient.  With things being what they are, I moved on from my job over there to find myself deep in the island of Montreal today. 

Come to think of it, no matter how much I miss working there, I have to think of one thing.  The trade-off would be that the Burger Search would probably never have begun.  The search, today, is convenient because I can hit most locations on my road home.  If I were still employed in that location, there wouldn’t be many good reasons for me to cross the bridge and go out of my way for something I didn’t know too much at the time.  So, for a word a wisdom to all, take it from me, when one door closes, another one is always sure to open, it did for me.

On this cold Tuesday morning, I had one thing in my mind.  I really didn’t think the restaurant would have many customers.  Take a look at the facts, it’s located pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  I’ve seen restaurants downtown empty at the same time I walked in to Jay C’s.  Much to my surprise, it was pretty busy.  Most of the tables were occupied when I came in and the turnover rate was quite good.  People kept on coming in as the time progressed.

The clientele here on a Tuesday afternoon is what you’d expect in every town Quebec.  Most of the people are middle aged and there’s hardly an English speaker to be found, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  The rest of the crowd is comprised of your manual labour workers who are looking for something simple during their lunch break.

In my 2 and half years of doing the Burger Search, I never seen so many balloons in a restaurant.  It took me a while to put two and two together.  There was a section decorated for what looked like a birthday party.  I don’t know when the people were getting there or whether it was on a different day, but the one sign and balloons all over the place made it look festive, somewhat.  The restaurant makes sure you know that  you can organize large group events at their establishment.

I put a picture in this post for two reasons.  The first reason is that I actually made use of the restaurant’s delivery menu for a class project.  Every year, I have my Secondary 1 (Grade 7) students create their own menus.  I just happened to have the delivery menu in my bag and decided to take it out to show as an example.  I’m not going to repeat what I pointed out, but I don’t use every menu I get to show to my students.  I actually had another menu printed on white paper to show my students what not to do for their project.  If you’re patient, you can actually find a picture of that particular in one of my posts.

Secondly, the picture of the burger section of the menu leads me to note how there is quite a decent variety of burger options to choose from.  However, I need to bring up the delivery menu again.  The burger choices on the delivery menu are vastly different than what you can get at the restaurant.  It leads me to question which one is more valid and if the delivery menu has all the options available.  The dining room menu did not allow me to pick a burger called Jimmy’s Bacon (I’m not making that name up).

You must be wondering why I put a picture of this machine in the post.  In my life, I have never seen a machine like this, dispensing Pringles.  I know that in 2012, there are a lot of weird things coming out of vending machines, but this one, to me, is a little out there.

The last thing to note before moving on to the food is the service.  There were approximately 3 servers on duty at the time I showed up.  All of them were diligent in their work and were never really standing around.  All of the servers did have something in common.  All I’m going to say about that is to look up that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine complains about the waitresses at the diner.  She then tries to get a job there, only to get turned down because apparently she wasn’t quite what the owner was looking for.


For a 3 dollar upgrade, you can replace your fries with a poutine.  From first glance, the poutine looks quite appealing.  The sauce is unlike any normal, average sauce you’d get anywhere else.  Even having said that about the sauce, it’s not that over-the-top either.  What I will say is that it works well with the French fries.  The fries are not your overly large versions you get at casse-croutes, but closer to Belgian fries that you can get at a Frite Alors.

The other point to note in this poutine were the cheese curds.  Ever since I shared the pulled pork poutine with Foodie Date Night, I can’t get the one thought about cheese curds out of my mind.  Since then, every time I have a curd that squeaks, it means that I’m having a good batch.  Well, on this occasion, those curds did not squeak.  They tasted fine, but seemed a little too limp to better compliment the rest of the poutine.

Ultimate Bacon et Fromage

This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise, cheese, and bacon.   The restaurant points out on the menu that the cheese is doubled and so is the bacon.

Before I get into the burger, I have to note that there was a more crazy option on the menu.  A normal burger was only 8 ounces.  The crazy burger was double that with 3 different types of cheese, double bacon, and onion rings.  Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about choosing that, but I had to think about my sanity.  I was already going for the poutine upgrade.  In a way, I overlooked the fact that the burger came with a salad.  Whenever I do the burger-salad-poutine combo, things don’t turn out too well for me.  So, it was a crazy burger or a poutine and we already know which one won that battle.

The first thing I notice was that the open-faced burger placement wasn’t done so delicately.  The onions, which varied in length, were just thrown on.  The bacon was placed on one side of the meat patty.  I did my best to reorganize the burger, but if I have to rebuild it completely, I might as well just open my own burger restaurant and cook myself a bacon cheeseburger myself.

The awkward placement of the ingredients led to an imbalance in the burger.  Most of the main players were stacked on one side.  The result was a burger with two distinct personalities, one with bacon and one without.  Throughout the meal, I had some of the onions falling out on me.  I even had one long strand of onion sticking out of the burger.  To rectify the problem, I pulled the strand apart and continued on.

What the lack of placement didn’t affect was the integrity of the bun.  I was nearly expecting things to  collapse on me, but they didn’t.  The bread held together nicely and so did the meat patty.  With there being so much between two buns, you’d expect something to give way, but it didn’t.

The role of the bacon wasn’t up to what it should have been.  It was a little too crispy for my taste.  I’ve said in many times in the past, I would prefer to not have rock hard bacon.  Though it wasn’t rock hard in this case, the crispiness diminished the facility for me to easily eat the burger.  The bites where there wasn’t any bacon included were so much easier to take.  I even had a piece of bacon on its own to confirm what I was thinking.

The meat was the lost player in the whole equation.  It was so overwhelmed by the double cheese that you could hardly tell there was meat there, taste-wise.  Though it was juicy enough, it wasn’t enough to withstand the power of a double cheese, double bacon tag team combination.  In a perfect world, you would’ve been able to get all three.

Final Verdict

Burger aside, what you have at Jay C’s is a quaint restaurant with a vast menu of simple food.  It’s a convenient place to spend a lunch break while catching up with colleagues.  The fact that it was full on a Tuesday afternoon, in the middle of suburbia, just shows you that it has a good reputation with the customers.

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