GBS Review of February 2012 | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

The second month of the year brought a really big change to Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search.  In the first of my three major projects, I finally got a hold on a proper website address.  Instead of having to remember the whole Tumblr URL, you only have to remember one simple name.  That address was chosen because it matches my Twitter handle and seemed like the easiest to remember.  I think we all know what the second major blog project I have is, but that won’t come until well into 2012.  So, I’m sorry for those of you who despise the color orange, you’ll have to tough it out for a little while longer.

UPDATE:  The last few lines of the introduction are no longer valid because as of March 3rd, the design of the blog has changed, thus putting an end to the second major project for the Great Burger Search.

Once again, for the second time in 2012, I bring to you a short recap of my February:

1.  Atlas Pizza

The first burger of the month was held at a place where you wouldn’t normally think did burgers.  What really surprised me the most was that the burger was comparable to a lot of the better ones I had in recent times.  That’s something you wouldn’t expect out of a place that has the word ‘pizza’ in its name.

2.  Deville Dinerbar

For Burger 130, I thought it would be ideal for it to take place at a much talked about location.  In light of that, the Deville Dinerbar was chosen.  I wasn’t alone on this trek as I was joined by 4 fellow Twitter people in @billrusnak, @foodchick101, @stephohanley, and @sandman5.  It was Mr. Lew’s Burger Night.  In a night of ups and downs, we were treated to good food, company, and service, even though we had to wait for our reservations.

3.  Cafe Ellefsen

In what will probably be the last gathering of the Fat Squirrel Society, Cafe Ellefsen was my choice for the evening.  The theme for the evening was to take the group to a place that was way out of our comfort zones.  My main reason for choosing Ellefsen was to try their take on the iconic Quebec dish, poutine.

4.  Klondike Resto Bar

Accompanied by Burger Search regular Steakman, we made the trek all the way to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue to test out two bold claims.  In radio ads heard on TSN 990, Klondike claimed to have the best steaks and the best burgers.  We were the 2 perfect people to try that out.

5.  Pita Burger

Plaze Cote-des-Neiges will always hold a dear place in my heart.  It was such an important place in my childhood.  It was also the place where I had one of my very first burgers.  In a Marshall Eriksson kind of search, I went out to see if I could recapture that magic.  My stop was at Pita Burger.  Even though I knew full well that I wasn’t going to find what I had 20 years ago, I got to try something different and very good for the budget.

6.  Atomic

With our mark deadline looming, a bunch of us colleagues at our place of employment decided to brave the winter storm to have Greek food.  The main star of the evening was the pikilia plate that some of us were still talking about days later.  For me, my interest veered off course as I noticed that menu included a bit of everything, like a jumbo cheeseburger with the much necessary bacon upgrade.

7.  Griffintown Cafe

My last stop was something I’ve been waiting for a very long time to try.  The most perfect day of the year to try that place was on Leap Day 2012.  Griffintown Cafe is known for its popular brunches, but I was there for the main reason I leave the house every day, burgers.  Also, in an update to the post, I am proud to announce that there was indeed bacon in the potato salad.  That’s now my kind of potato salad.

Coming up in March 2012

-Burgers 135-137
-Indian Food
-Desserts x2
-Caribbean Food
-And so much more bacon, of course.

Before I call it a post, I want to remind you that you can find me on Facebook and on Twitter.  The goal is to reach 500 Facebook Likes and 750 Twitter followers by the time I hit Burger 150 in July.  It’s because of people like you, who read this, that motivate me to pursue more and more burgers.  Thank you.

Stay tuned!