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What would a Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search Year in Review week be without a post looking at burgers?  It would be blasphemous if I didn’t go and tell you all with 5 burgers made my stomach very happy this past year.  Before I go any further, I have to mention that this is my list of 5 burgers that I found to be above average.  Much like everything in the GBS, my opinions, tastes, and criticisms will never be in synch with each and every one of you.  With that being said, the Burger Search would be nothing without those differences in opinions.  Feel free to completely disagree with me.  So, with no further adieu, here they are!

Honorable Mentions:

1.  Burger 79 @ Five Guys

Why?:  The burger was good, thought it looked a little sloppy.  The avalanche of fries didn’t help.

2.  Burger 84 @ Lawrence

Why?:  For a burger without cheese or bacon, it was as good as it can be.  Probably the only burger I’d consider having without cheese or bacon.

3.  Burger 96 @ La Boulette

Why?:  This relatively new restaurant had a strong burger, but the bun didn’t cooperate as it lost flakes throughout the meal.

4.  Burger 111 @ Cheeburger Cheeburger

Why?:  For another big American chain, the results were good.  However, what you pay for this burger is astronomical for the kind of restaurant it is.

5.  Burger 119 @ Billy Geez

Why?  This burger wins the Patati Patata Burger of Year prize for being extremely small, but really budget friendly and full of taste.


1.  Burger 83 @ Nouveau Palais

Located on one of the best streets in the city for restaurants, the Nouveau Palais’ rejuvenated spirit was my first stop in March of 2011.  The burger itself serves as my wallpaper for my Twitter account.  Now, I wouldn’t put anything below par for my Twitter wallpaper.  As for the taste, I was extremely satisfied with the amount of juices flowing with each bite I took.

2.  Burger 92 @ Deli Planet

I might lose credibility with you after you read this paragraph.  The burger at Deli Planet came at a very good time for me.  On that day, I left my place of employment in an extremely bad mood.  To make things worse, the place I wanted to go to for Burger 92 was jam packed and I wasn’t going to tough that out with the mood I was in.  So, a few steps away came a visit to Deli Planet at Gare Centrale.  Up to that moment, I wasn’t 100% sure about the menu, so I took a gamble.  I was lucky to find what I wanted and I struck burger gold.  This burger had the right amount of juices with each bite you took.  The combination of bacon and cheese made everything that much better.  I left the restaurant with a smile on my face.  Now, you might go there and tell me that it wasn’t so good, but for that one moment in time, it was highly enjoyable.

3.  Burger 100 @ Chez Victor

I’ve been singing the praises of Chez Victor throughout most of these year-end posts and deservingly so.  I did my research well in advance and knew exactly what burger I was going to take.  I wasn’t going to repeat the same mistake like I did with Burger 50 in Ottawa.  The fact that this burger had cream cheese was an added bonus.  Even before I took a bite, I knew this burger would be magic.  Just looking at it and its aesthetic qualities easily guarantees it a spot on the list.  The cherry on top of the cake was that it tasted even better than I would ever expect.  It made my trip to Quebec City one that I will never forget.

4.  Burger 105 @ Méchant Boeuf

This is the second food item that makes the GBS Year in Review.  This was also the first burger to be subjected to the guest reviews that I’m hoping stick around for a long time to come.  On that day, I was joined by Foodie Date Night as they also tried the burger.  I was relieved when they backed up most of what I said about the burger.  It was also the first post where I decided to add even more literary detail to my posts.  You can thank me for hurting your eyes trying to read my weekly 2,000 word posts now.  But more seriously, the burger, with the perfect combination of bacon and a weaker blue cheese, was more than suitable for that memorable day.

5.  Burger 118 @ Moishes

I’ve been gaga over this restaurant ever since setting foot in it in late October.  I should take this moment to note that I have absolutely no business in restaurants like this.  I think I belong at the Zellers restaurant more than this place.  From the first moment to the last, everything was done to the highest level of standards.  Their addition of a burger to their menu last summer was something that made me take notice.  Using some of the best ingredients like Kobe beef and grilled oyster mushrooms, you can’t go wrong and they didn’t.  There wasn’t any cheese or any of my necessary bacon.  That didn’t matter because the Kobe didn’t need any of it.

Wrapping Up 2011:

Again, as 2012 is already under way, I’d like to thank you all for taking even a fraction of a second to read my page.  In 2012, 50 more burgers will be consumed as I make my way to Burgers 150 and 175.  Your suggestions are always welcomed as I wouldn’t of made it to so many places if it wasn’t for you people pointing me in the right direction.  Stay tuned as Burger 126 should be posted next week on January 10.

To end, as a thank you for reading, you can click this link to see a bonus burger of sorts.

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