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If I weren’t doing the Great Burger Search, I’d probably be looking for the “best” poutine in Montreal.  Poutine is something of a trademark dish in the province of Quebec and its something that I thoroughly enjoy.  My first ever poutine came from Benny’s Rotisserie in Saint-Hubert.  As a matter of fact, I enjoyed one today, the same day I wrote this post.  Whenever I go to a restaurant, I always try to go for a poutine whenever the option presents itself.  Though I may regret it in the end, the poutine is part of my identity.

The poutine that started it all, Les Rotisseries Benny’s in St-Hubert:

Honorable Mentions:

1.  J’m La Frite

2.  Les Belles Soeurs

3.  La Boulette


1.  Montreal Poutine

Since I tried this poutine last March, I’ve had a decently good relationship with the restaurant on Twitter.  As a matter of fact, it’s one of the few restaurants that utilize Twitter to its fullest capacities.  I remember vividly as I was walking down St-Paul in Old Montreal.  As a approached the door, I was ushered into the restaurant to try the burger and poutine.  The poutine was special because I decided to bacon it up a little bit.  If you put the word in your name, you have no excuses.

2.  Poutineville

My “relationship” with Poutineville in 2011 was equally as memorable.  It’s the only Burger location where I was “caught.”  But, this poutine came from my second visit in June.  On this day, I accompanied my colleagues to Poutineville.  Each and every single one of them took the day’s special.  Me, being the stubborn fool I was, decided to go my own route.  Despite being told I was being foolish, the poutine turned out pretty well.  Here is a note to remember, never doubt Mr. Lew’s gut when it comes to bacon.

3.  Chez Victor

Chez Victor was the home of Burger 100 last July.  Everything worked out my way on that faithful trip.  I’ll admit that the poutine surprised me because it was bigger than the burger, but that didn’t bother me so much.  The poutine is not so different, but the moment made it that much more special.  I could’ve been served manure that day and I would’ve thought it was bacon.

4.  Méchant Boeuf

This poutine makes the list because it’s one of the few poutines that really stand out as being unique.  On this day, I was accompanied by fellow bloggers Foodie Date Night as we ventured out to see what pulled pork could do for Quebec’s favorite dish.  I will say that the pulled pork was a welcomed addition to the great concoction.  I even learned a vital poutine fact about cheese curds that night as well.

5.  Les Folies

You know what they say, “last but not least.”  Well, that’s true in this case.  The poutine at Les Folies was the last one I had in 2011.  It happens from time to time where the poutine or side dish overshadows the main and it happened here.  Despite my questions about what the parsley’s purpose was, this poutine was good.  The French fries in this poutine really put it over the top.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the 5 Annex restaurants that left a mark in 2011.  Until then, enjoy some never before posted pictures of poutine from Paulo & Suzanne.

B.O.M. Poutine

Montreal Poutine

Quebec Poutine