GBS Year in Review 2011: Desserts | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

When I started the GBS, desserts were never on the forefront.  Whether it be an issue of money or being too stuffed, it wasn’t something I went out of my way to do.  That all changed for me when in 2010, I tried the Bacon Brownie at Le Boucan.  Since then, I was more open to getting dessert whenever the choices compelled me to.

The dessert that started it all:

1.  Bacon Brownie @ Le Boucan

Honorable Mentions:

1.  Chocolate Cake @ Moishes

2.  Suicide Cake @ Deli 500

3.  Banana Brownie @ Le Comme Chez Soi


1.  Nutella Pizza @ Poutineville

The Nutella Pizza makes the list because of its sheer uniqueness.  I know I’ve had other similar desserts since then, but this one takes the cake, no pun intended.  At that particular point, it’s been months since I’ve had the last dessert and I this just fell in my lap.  If you read the post, you’ll know that I wasn’t intending on having much of anything outside the burger and poutine.  With fate playing games with me, I was given much more to look at and try.  About a month after, I took some colleagues and they got to try the Nutella Pizza for themselves with much success.

2.  Bacon Flavored Frozen Yogurt @ Swurl Yogurt

The bacon frozen yogurt on paper sounds like something sent from my imagination.  The build up to this thing was so loud that I had to make a visit.  So, of all the days of the year, I decided to show up on my very own birthday to try this thing.  Though I had trouble tasting the bacon, it’s still something that was very interesting.  In retrospect, I shouldn’t have placed the gummy bears there, but it’s supposed to be out there.  Just remember, to make the dessert list next year, put bacon in your creation.  It can’t hurt, except your arteries.

3.  Bacon Nutella Kono @ Kono Pizza

The theme of bacon in desserts continues with the second appearance of Kono in the “Year in Review” posts.  This is the second Bacon Nutella Kono I tried that night and it was the better one.  This started off because, as some of you know, I go through a lot of bacon-related whining on Twitter.  Well, Kono Pizza listened and created this just for me.  This is the third bacon-related dessert I’ve tried while doing the GBS it never gets old, for me at least.

4.  Apple Crumb Pie @ Rockaberry

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a really soft spot for anything apple related.  On this day, I was more than happy to order the apple crumble pie to try.  That, in combination with sitting down for hours made it the perfect afternoon.  It was quite literally one of the best apple pies I’ve ever had and put the other apple pie I had earlier in the year to shame.

5.  Chocolate Mousse Cake @ Le Jardin de Panos

When I went to order this cake, I was told that I turned down a similar cake in the past.  What on Earth was I thinking?  The second I saw this on the menu at the Greek restaurant, I knew this had to be in me.  It was so good that I did what I could to make sure I was the only one who touched it while the other dessert that night was shared a bit.  This dessert almost caused Fat Mr. Lew to come out of his coma.  If a dessert can do that, it must be worth it.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the 5 poutines that represented Montreal and the province of Quebec!