Burger 122: Deli 500 | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

500 Sherbrooke O.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  McGill
Bus:  STM 24, 61, 125, 168

Visit:  November 30, 2011


I’ve been eyeing this particular restaurant for quite some time and the reason was far greater than any burger known to humankind.  There was a dessert on the menu that caught my attention months ago and I just had to try it.  The second I saw the picture of that certain dessert and confirmed the fact that there was a burger, I put a visit to Deli 500 on the priority list.

The first thing you should know about this restaurant is that it is located at the Loto-Quebec building on Sherbrooke street.  Now, I was thinking that I’d one day enter this building for another reason, but that event hasn’t happened yet.  However, since there was a burger, I guess there was a better reason to come into the money giveaway building.  So, as I gingerly walked by the security counter and made my way downstairs, away from the offices of the winnings owed to me, I was ready to face a destiny of another kind.

Now, on this day, I was lucky that I came by right after the lunch rush.  Around 1 p.m., there are still a lot of workers still enjoying the downtown restaurant scene, so I was a little worried about the selection of tables.  Luckily, it wasn’t an issue.  As a approached the entrance, I was ready to see the hostess, but she just walked away and never came back.  It took a few moments of awkward waiting for one of the people behind the counter to point me to an open booth.

The biggest thing that I need to mention was the quality of the service.  The server was extremely cordial and responded to all my dumb questions with the utmost politeness.  Even the other server who tended to me near the end was also quite cordial.  That, to me, is one of the most important things when I go to any restaurant on the planet.  If I don’t feel important, it lowers my opinion of the place I’m at.  It was only near the end of the meal that I found out that it was the server’s first real day on the job.  That’s a first for me as well.  For a first day, it was impressive to me.

The restaurant itself wasn’t really busy at the time I was there.  The big part was the amount of take-out that was ordered.  I find that the restaurant is located in a very strategic part of downtown.  You have my former alma mater, McGill, right across the street, paired with a number of large office buildings.  It’s basically  part of the recipe for success.  With the way they greet their regulars, it’s no wonder why the restaurant is still around and doing reasonably well, in my opinion.

One of the more unique things I noticed was not in the restaurant itself.  The location of my booth placed me next to an open part of the wall, where I could see the hallway quite well.  I noticed as all the people came in and out of the building.  I also got a tremendously good view of not one, but two haircuts.  Yes, there was a barber shop right across the way.  Even one of the employees of the restaurant went by to get a trim after their shift was over.  That’s another Burger Search first.

Le Colossal Double

This burger contains lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cheese, and bacon over two beef patties.

When I was perusing the menu, there wasn’t so many really appealing choices that stood out with the exception of this monstrosity.  The burger is basically a double meat patty that is guaranteed to put you in the cardiac care unit of the intensive care section of your local hospital.  By the way, I’m trying to find a local hospital that will rename their cardiac section after me, because I’ll probably need it sooner rather than later.

Also during my initial readings of the menu, I also noticed the lack of bacon in this large burger.  Luckily, I remedied that pretty quickly and was really glad that I did.  I think I’m having a hard time these days picturing any burger without bacon.

For me, double burgers are either hit or miss.  My expectations of this particular burger was more or less me getting my behind handed to me again regardless of quality.  There are some good ones out there, but most of the time, there is so much burger that the taste eventually gets lost in the shuffle.  I don’t really think this burger escaped that notion.

I believe the weakest point of the burger was the bun.  The top bun was acceptable, but the bottom one was starting to give.  It didn’t help that they were much larger than the size of the meat patties.  However, thanks to the fact that I placed the burger upside down at times, the whole thing stayed intact until the end.

The placement of the lettuce and the tomatoes gave me a few questions.  The lettuce was placed under the meat, which is something that is quite well.  Normally, if that’s the case, the lettuce would soak up the juices, but this didn’t really happen here.  The two pieces of tomato were also place awkwardly as one fell out rather quickly.  The other piece stayed put, but want to come out too.  Though these were a little bothering, it didn’t really have a major impact on the overall eating process.

The bacon was probably one of the more interesting parts of the burger.  As you know, the bacon was not an original part of the burger.  The bacon was a little too crispy for my taste, but that’s not what I really took away from the experience.  There were pieces of bacon that basically got fused with the top bun.  It created a sort of consistency I’ve only had in pizza.  That was interesting and probably the biggest highlight from the burger.

The meat was well cooked and pretty easy to eat.  However, being that it was a double patty burger, it wasn’t an easy feet at all.  The best kinds of bite to take had to include all the components, especially the cheese.  The later we got in the process, the harder things were to finish.  I’m extremely lucky that I managed to finish the burger.  It’s a pretty decent burger, but I’d recommend going for a normal size because that would probably be enough to satisfy your hunger.

Proof I Finished the Burger

I placed this here to just show you all that I, for some reason, am still capable of putting away monster food, to my own detriment, of course.

Suicide Cake

(Note:  I realize the name of the cake itself it not something that is funny.  I was having a hard time writing this because of some recent events in the news.  It’s not a funny subject.  However, this is the name of the cake and I can’t change that.)

As you can tell by the name, this is the reason why I had to come to this restaurant.  The picture I took does not do the size of this cake justice at all.  I first saw a picture of this cake in June and since then, I’ve been waiting patiently for the right moment to commit a chocolate end to my mortal existence.  Well, since I’m in the process of writing this, I’m guessing I wasn’t successful.

The cake is described as copious layers of cake sponge interlaced with chocolate butter cream.  That’s what I got when I read the menu on their website.  My description of the cake is basically what you want to eat if you want to die from a chocolate overdose.

The cake is nothing that special if you’re looking at it compared to a normal chocolate cake.  What’s special about this cake is the size of it.  The simple fact that it’s all chocolate gets old a little quickly.  You’ll probably like the first few bites of the cake, but when you get to bite #5,627, you’ll be looking for a faster way out.  The simple fact of the matter is that this “piece” of cake is not something that you eat either on one sitting or by yourself.

As I paid the bill, I mentioned to the server that I finally understood why it’s called what it’s called.  The server admitted that it would probably take them 3 sittings to finish the thing and that it was rare to see anyone finish a whole thing by themselves.  That made me just feel just peachy keen.  As I’m writing this, four hours later, I’m still feeling the after effects of not only the burger, but the monster piece of cake.  I also think I won’t need to eat until 2012.

Proof that Mr. Lew is Insane

I decided to post this second picture to show you that not only I can pack away monster food, but that I’m insane for even trying these in the same sitting.  You can now judge me.

Final Verdict

This restaurant’s strategic location makes it ideal for any student on a budget, since the prices are quite reasonable.  The quality of the service will definitely make up for any shortcoming the food might ever have.  However, if that doesn’t really convince you, visit this restaurant to try the cake that might possibly eliminate your urge to ever eat again.  You’ll be so full, that eating anything else will cause you to explode.  If only I knew more about this place when I was back at McGill.

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