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69 George Street
Ottawa, Ontario

Bus:  OC Transpo Rideau/Mackenzie-King Transitway Station, Societe de Transport de l’Outaouais

Visit:  September 21, 2011

For my fourth and most recent visit to Ottawa, I had to cap it off with a dessert stop.  During my visit for Burger 103 at Zak’s Diner, I went around and scouted some to the places around Byward Market.  I came across the famous Beavertails franchise location.  I was very tempted by what I say on that day.  My mind, being what it is, instead, went for the Triple Chocolate Blizzard at the nearby Dairy Queen.  We all know how that turned out.  I left Ottawa in July of 2011 in a pretty good mess.  I was determined to not have that again by going to the place I should’ve went to.

The first thing one notices was the fact that there is no interior to enjoy what you order.  That was something that really came back to bite me.  I took a moment to decide what I wanted.  The sign next to the building was very helpful as it aided me to make my decisions quickly.  I wanted to go with the apple cinnamon concoction, but I went for something a little more classic.

At this point, I can’t say enough for the service.  I placed my order rather quickly, the staff member asked about my day.  Since I was in Ottawa, I was more than happy to play along.  After talking about the nice weather and the fact that there are Beavertails locations in Montreal, the pastry was ready.  In reality, it was ready pretty quickly, I just liked the conversation too much to really move away.  Also, I can’t turn down a pretty face.

Part of every location I do requires me to take pictures.  The outdoor nature of the consumption posed quite a conundrum.  I managed to put down the pasty onto a table.  It wasn’t long before two very uninvited guests showed up to reign on my parade.  I was quickly introduced to a famous tag team known as the Killer Bees.  Alright, I’m kidding about the tag team part.  In reality, two bees showed up to make my picture taking endeavours that much harder.  I’m lucky I didn’t get myself stung.  But, what happened was in trying to defend my dessert, I got some of it all over my camera.  So, you’ll imagine the lengths I’ll go to make sure my food stays my food.

The biggest challenge came in finding a place to eat the pastry.  The selection of really tall chairs didn’t really suit me one bit.  So, this is when I decided to start walking and eating at the same time.  I would personally like to take this time to apologize if any native residents of Ottawa noticed a chocolate covered person walking in Byward Market.  I promise you, I do try harder to keep my food in my mouth, not all over it.  I walked one block down William street, crossed the street, and walked back the other way until I saw the Beavertails stand across the way.  Along the way, a few of my napkins flew way.  So, another apology goes to the city of Ottawa, I lost a napkin or two on William street.

The point of me making such a long dramatic narrative is to bring the point that I wished I had chose to go indoors quickly, rather than lounged around.  I’m lucky that the Rideau Center was nearby, as I was able to use their really interesting hand drying machine (which I couldn’t take a picture of because there were too many people around) twice.

Chocolate Hazelnut Beavertail

The beavertail is essentially a pastry that’s covered with the topping of your choice.  The pre-selected topping I chose came with chocolate hazelnut, with a large amount of sugar.

Not ever having a beavertail before ensures that it won’t be a pretty situation.  I wasn’t very eager to repeat my Triple Chocolate Blizzard mishap again.  The size of the pastry was a lot bigger than I expected.  So, the size alone made it very difficult to manoeuvre around.

The biggest point that got to me was the fact that the toppings didn’t want to stay as such.  The toppings actually wanted to become my new gloves.  I don’t think I had enough napkins to properly deal with the amount of chocolate that left the pastry.  I didn’t realize it until a little while later, but the sugar also wanted off the pastry too.  This time, it didn’t become gloves, but a new style of decoration for my jacket.  In retrospect, the fact that this was extremely messy dampened my enjoyment quite a bit.

The taste of the pastry itself wasn’t half bad.  If the toppings were more stable, I would have really enjoyed it to the maximum.  The chocolate hazelnut topping, which is essentially Nutella, reminded me of a experimental dessert I had in Montreal.  With anything Nutella related, you have to make sure you finish your mouthful before taking another bite.  Like I said, if the spread was dryer, I would probably have a whole lot more of these back home in Montreal.

By having completed the staple of Ottawa, I feel like I’ve done all the touristy things there are to do in Ottawa.  Despite my personal experience with the messiness of the pastry, I would definitely urge any tourists to make a visit to Beavertails.  The service alone made me feel like I made the right decision.  So, at the end, it was still a nice finish to another wonderful trip to the nation’s capital.

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