Annex 41: Le Bilboquet | Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search

1311 Bernard O.
Montreal, Quebec

Metro:  Outremont
Bus:  STM 160, 161

Visit:  September 20, 2011

My search for decent ice cream has taken me to a place that everyone keeps on mentioning when it comes to top contenders.  I had plenty of opportunities over the last 6 months to get pretty decent ice cream and I did not hesitate at the chance to come here.  As was the case with the Greek restaurant visited on the same day, I was accompanied by my very knowledgeable educational cohort.

We entered the location around in the middle of the afternoon on a tremendously beautiful day.  The inside of the store was dimly lit and didn’t seem to have much to it.  The ice cream counter is to the left and there is another few cases surrounding the other sides.  I took a few good seconds to notice the tremendously looking sprinkled chocolate cupcakes placed in plain sight.  If only I wasn’t there for ice cream.

The ordering process was rather painless, though I wish the flavours were written out using a much clearer font.  Either that, or someone will tell me that I need to either get glasses or learn to read.  But, while I was there, I notice one flavour that really caught my eye.  Once I made my choice, I enjoyed a short conversation with the person serving me about the uniqueness of the flavour.

Since it was beautiful day, we took our ice cream to the exterior tables set up right by the front door.  I made it a point to watch the number of people coming into the place.  Since it was the end of the school day, there were a lot of students coming in to partake in ice cream.  Not only were the students coming in, but small families were there too.  If they get served with the kindness that I received, no wonder this place is so busy on a nice autumn day.

Perhaps the most non-review worthy thing to mention was the extremely strange coincidence that we encountered.  The both of us work at an Armenian private school on the island.  As we’re sitting there, talking shop and business, I overhear a young mother speaking to her two children in a very familiar language.  I may not know the language completely, but I recognized words that I hear on a daily basis.  I then decided to ask my colleague about it and he, being the more upfront one, decided to ask.  Wouldn’t you know it, they were Armenians.  It goes to show you that the world is so much smaller than you’d expect.

I’ve never spent so much time at one ice cream place.  The facility of our experience there was something that made a long day more bearable.  On service alone, I was thrilled and convinced enough to want to come back one day.  But, we can’t forget the merits of the actual ice cream.


From reading the store’s website, I can tell you that this ice cream is made from dark chocolate and natural orange essence.  I like chocolate and I am a huge fan of anything orange, the taste and the color.  I would get extremely excited anytime a chocolate bar company came out with orange flavoured versions of their product.  In the past, I’d get two separate ice cream scoops, but I was more than happy to see one whole combined chocolate orange selection available.

First and foremost, the chocolate taste was very good.  The orange is very apparent right off the bat.  As you’re going through, it seems like the orange fades a bit.  Despite that, it’s still a very good combination to have right to the end.  Other than the pieces of ice found intermittently through the ice cream, the experience is one that I relished thoroughly.

I’ve said it many times in the past, I’m no ice cream expert, but this time, I enjoyed what I had.  My ice cream expectations aren’t too high, but this flavour combination really made me happy.  I can understand why they are voted in the top ice cream category each year.

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