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679 Saint-Roch
Montreal, Quebec

Bus:  STM 80, 179, 193, 435

Visit:  September 20, 2011

Having 8 hours to find something to do and having colleagues who love to eat are the greatest 2 things to go together.  I’ve been lucky to have a fellow English teacher who knows about places for Greek food.  On this day, after 3 months of anticipation, we were finally on our way to Tripolis.  If you have a very good memory, months ago, I asked for a vote between pizza and Greek food.  I completed the pizza part in July and finally got around to the Greek part on this faithful day.  I was actually supposed to go here last June, but a very heated union meeting had me flabbergasted and lacking motivation to move.  So, here was my chance to put my colleague’s tastes to the test once again.

Tripolis is located in a very quaint part of Parc Extension.  This is actually a small segment of street that I spend quite of bit of time on.  I never realized that there was a decent restaurant here at all.  The fact there is a major bus line passing right near makes this an easy place to get to.

When you enter, you notice that the place isn’t that big.  There weren’t many customers around when we got there, but by the time we left, there were a few more tables.  I notices that some of the bigger tables were marked, ‘reserved.’  That was funny because not one person or party ever came in to fill those tables during our entire visit.

The server that was assigned to us had a vibrant perfume scent.  Normally, that would bother me because those kinds of things distract me from the food.  This time, it was actually nice to take in, as it added to the experience.  We were also seated right next to the counter, where they prepared most of the food.  We actually heard the pounding process in preparation for our meal.

Place Mat

Greek Village Salad

This salad mainly contains tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and feta cheese.

My first salad of this type came when I first visited Marathon Souvlaki months ago.  I really enjoyed it as the inclusion of feta cheese was quite interesting.  So, getting to try a more authentic version of that salad was a very tempting thing to do in this particular situation.

Two things that didn’t work for was the green chili and the inclusion of the onions.  The overly large green chili seemed more like decoration than anything else.  I was never motivated enough to try this particular piece of the salad.  So, at the end, it was still there, sitting there doing nothing useful.  The onions, in a way, overpowered the whole concoction.  Even though I don’t like them too much, I always seem to have them in my meals.

The biggest highlight of this salad was the feta cheese.  The fact that they were piled on in small crumbles facilitated my enjoyment of the whole thing.  The only other feta experience was when I saw it in one block, which I saved for the end.  In this case, the cheese consumption was more frequent throughout the meal, not at one time.

What puzzled me was the fact that the salad came first, well before the main plate.  I was thinking internally how much I should eat before my chose meal came.  I even asked my colleague for his opinion and eventually followed his lead.  I had about a third of the salad left by the time the food came.  It was so satisfying that I would’ve finished it way before anything else showed up to the table.

Pork Fillet Plate

The pork fillet was a bold suggestion made by my colleague.  As a matter of fact, with the exception of small differences in the salads, we ordered the same exact meals.  There wasn’t a lot on the menu that jumped out at me.  Adding to that, the more appealing items were a lot more expensive.  So, the fact that I was having lunch, something more sensible was to be chosen.  The pork fillet seemed to fit that option.

Getting to hear the meat pounded really made me look forward to this.  I compare this a lot to pork chops.  There’s no bone which really makes this that much easier to eat.  You get two reasonably sized pieces here to have.  For what it’s worth, they were pretty filling for me.

There was a fair amount of juice coming from the meat, but what happened with that juice made it very tolerable.  More on the juice in a later paragraph.  The best parts of the pork was most definitely the fat.  Whenever I get meat, that’s the part I love the best as it is the flavour.  Speaking of flavour, the meat itself has a good taste that made me want to go at it so much faster.  The only disappointment was that there were only 2 pieces of pork fillet.

The biggest unique point of this platter were the “fries.”  As you can plainly see, they are not your normal sidedish for your meal.  They are potatoes that are sliced then fried.  It reminds me of all the times we’d have that at home.  It always delivered and there was never enough to satisfy all our tastes.  In this case, it was no different.  If you think about the juices on the plate, the potatoes soaked in it were absolutely something to think about.  The juiced up potatoes were that complimentary dish that made me happy with the overall experience.

I’m not an expert when it comes to Greek food.  But, from this one small experience, I can say that I am looking forward to coming back here to try something else.  The dish was good and my colleague’s suggestion came through.  I was very glad to have had this chance to try this place.

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