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Blogs I Support:

Montreal Breakfast Review

Montreal Food Divas

Montreal Food Pictures - Random Cuisine

The Montreal Burger Report

This is Why We’re Fat

Foodie Date Night

Food Junkie Chronicles - From Toronto, don’t hold that against the blog.

Burgundy is Coquette Food Blogs

Chow With Chow

Always the Last in Line - Wanna Read a Blog

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Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search Sightings on the Internet:

Burger de Ville

Mr. Puffs

Huffington Post

Montreal Poutine

Montreal Burger Report


Yelp:  Best “humberger” and pizza in Montreal

Roasted Montreal:  Deville Dinerbar

This is Why We’re Fat:  Burgers and Benedicts

Chowhound:  Where’s the Best Burgers in Montreal?

Mumzy is a Foodie:  a birthday to remember - Link inactive

The Graceful Glutton:  Le Comme Chez Soi

Atlas Pizza:  Great Food Blogs We Found on Twitter

Paulo et Suzanne - Critique

Dale’s Delectables:  A solo dinner

The Sassy Foodophile:  About Me


Burger Lovers’ Guide to the Best Burgers in North America (December 2011)

Meet the Experts:  Mr. Lew of Mr. Lew’s Great Burger Search (January 2012)

A Brief History of Hamburgers (January 2012)

The 5 Most Audacious Burgers in North America (March 2012)

The World’s Biggest Burgers (April 2012)

10 Regional Burgers (May 2012)

8 Non-Beef Burgers (June 2012)

History of the French Fry (July 2012)

Sliders (August 2012)

Montreal Burger Week (Special - September 2012)

Burgers Trucks (September 2012)

The World’s Most Expensive Burgers (October 2012)

The Burger and the Drive-Thru (December 2012)

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